About Us


At Skelton Thatcher Consulting we help our clients to understand, adopt, and sustain good practices for building and operating software systems. Our knowledge and experience from complimentary backgrounds (software development and IT operations) means we have a ‘end-to-end’ understanding of how to build and operate software systems effectively.


We recognise that effectiveness with software systems is as much to do with teams and people as it is to do with technology and tools. That’s why we make people such an important part of our work; with tutorials, workshops, training, and mentoring, we help individuals, teams, and whole organisations to learn new skills and take new approaches.


We also know that expertise with specific technologies is hugely valuable to clients, so we have specialised in what we consider the ‘best of breed’ tools in each technology area. Our expertise is reflected in our partnerships with a select number of software vendors.


The tech community is a vibrant and exciting place to be, and we love to encourage grass-roots technology meetups and conferences. We regularly speak at events around the UK and Europe, and we’re proud to support Code Club in their work with kids aged 9 to 11.


We worked with Elementary Digital on the design of this website. Elementary Digital are a London & Leeds based digital agency specialising in the design and development of market leading websites.