20th November

DevOpsCon Munich, 20-23rd November 2017

Munich, Germany

The next conference from the DevOpsCon series is coming up and we cannot wait for it! It is moving back to Germany and as usual, promising us a lot of exciting talks, workshops, exhibitions and fascinating conversations.

The four day event will have two days of workshops (20th and 23rd) and two days of talks and expo (21st and 22nd). The tracks will be as follows: Business & Company Culture, Cloud Platforms, Container Technologies, Continuous Delivery, Logging, Monitoring & Analytics, Microservices and Security – to match everyone’s interests.

Our co-founder and principal consultant Matthew Skelton in the Business & Company Culture track. He will be delivering a talk on the 21st November titled – “Practical, Team-focused Operability Techniques for Distributed Systems”. Do not miss it!

To know more about the event and to purchase your ticket, visit the conference’s website: https://devopsconference.de/.

DevOpsCon is organised by S&S Media Group.