GO Continuous Delivery

Deployment pipelines
for Continuous Delivery

  • The most advanced tool for Continuous Delivery deployment pipelines
  • Empowers teams to coordinate delivery and deployment of their software as they need to

GoCD is the most advanced tool currently available for building, visualising, and controlling deployment pipelines. Created by industry leaders ThoughtWorks, GoCD is a powerful tool for teams working with Continuous Delivery on both Linux and Windows platforms.


log aggregation
& search

  • Powerful log aggregation & search, server & application metrics
  • Geckoboard charts, AWS Cloudwatch integration
  • Logentries provides robust, affordable operational insights

Logentries offers one of the best hosted log aggregation & search solutions available today. The combination of simple-to use log collection with advanced regex-based search and charting, plus simple pricing and integration with external tools like Geckoboard and HostedGraphite, makes Logentries the obvious choice for log aggregation.



trusted tools for
database development

  • Designed for safe, rapid deployment of database changes
  • Redgate’s advanced but easy-to-use tools make Database Lifecycle Management accessible to all

Redgate makes the world’s most trusted tools for shipping changes to databases. As a Redgate Consulting Partner, we at Skelton Thatcher Consulting help organisations to evaluate their database tooling needs, demonstrating how Database Lifecycle Management can help them to deliver faster and safer database changes.

The Scale Factory

The Scale Factory

cloud infrastructure specialists

  • Design and build of hosting infrastructure
  • 24×7 support operation
  • ReadyScale platform

With an experienced team of DevOps engineers and consultants, The Scale Factory has expertise in automated configuration management, virtualisation and cloud solutions. Their ReadyScale Platform Architecture is a tried, tested and trusted platform for your applications to run on – quicker, cheaper and more reliable than the alternatives.