Team Guide To Software Operability

By Matthew Skelton and Rob Thatcher

Learn how a focus on software operability helps to increase system reliability, reduce problems in Production, and reduce total cost of ownership (TCO).

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Price: £24.99 (Expected Release Date: 2017/05/20)

Developing and running modern software systems requires teams of motivated and well-trained people; however, most IT books are written for the individual technologist. The Team Guide series from Skelton Thatcher Publications takes a team-first approach to software systems with the aim of empowering whole teams to build and operate software systems more effectively.

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Table Of Contents


  1. Overview: Focus on Operability to reduce outages, improve quality, and raise customer satisfaction
  2. Use Deployment Verification Tests and Endpoint Healthchecks for rapid feedback on environments
  3. Use Run Book collaboration to increase operability and prevent operational issues
  4. Run operational checks within a deployment pipeline to gain rapid feedback and increased collaboration
  5. Use modern log aggregation and metrics for deep operational and product feature insights
  6. Use information radiators and dashboards to drive effective behaviour and good psychological responses
  7. Maintain a human feedback loop with Product Owners, UX people, Developers, Testers, and Operations people

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