Content Collaboration

Content Collaboration

Use our expertise and hands-on experience of working with technologies and teams around to world to help produce top-quality content for your sales, marketing, and recruitment campaigns.

Our team of technology practitioners have written and published widely and can produce compelling written material on a wide range of topics relating to software architecture, agile practices, infrastructure, cloud, and DevOps that is ready to publish.

Our reports are ideal for use as “briefing packs” for busy executives. We have substantial experience working with CTOs, CIOs, and heads of department, so we know what these decision-makers need to know. Cutting through the jargon, the reports from Skelton Thatcher have the authority of on-the-ground implementation experience with organisations around the world.

Content collaboration models

We offer two main models for content collaboration:

  1. Content generation: we help you to explore and refine your content goals, then write content for you to use as you wish. You hold the copyright on the material.
  2. Joint marketing: we work together to co-promote a set of reports and webinars on a theme or themes. You gain additional authority by partnering with us at Skelton Thatcher, a pioneering consultancy in DevOps. We jointly hold copyright of the material.

The collaboration process

We first establish with you the goals of the material and the intended audience, drawing on our extensive implementation and consulting experience. Next, our team writes the text and provides sketches of the diagrams for the content. Your design team (or design agency) then takes the material and makes it fit your brand style, generating production-ready versions of the diagrams along with the final PDF or print version. We work together throughout the process to ensure that the material is a good fit.

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