At Skelton Thatcher we are able to provide your organisation with a range of services. Drawing on our expertise and experience, we characterise these services as follows, but are happy to discuss a blend of these components which meet your needs.

Practices Acceleration

Enable your teams to go further, faster

Call on our knowledge and experience to help your teams make a leap forward, we work with your teams to bring new knowledge and experience allowing you to execute more work concurrently.

Acceleration Packages:
Continuous Delivery acceleration, DevOps acceleration

Virtual CTO

Cost effective technology leadership

Specialist agency knowledge and experience without the hiring drama. As technical leaders with Agency experience we can provide a cost effective “CTO on demand” style service which allows you to maintain momentum in the changing digital world.

Organisational Diagnostics

Understand your team dynamics through analysis of your architecture

We introduce techniques through which you can analyse the way your teams interact, by looking at architecture and component make-up of your software platforms. We help you gain insight into the areas where architecture, and teams diverge.

Operations Review

Supercharge your operations and support

Using our experience in building, managing and streamlining operations teams for performance, we review and analyse your support and operations teams, their approach, and build with you a strategy for increasing your operations capabilities.

Agile Review

Enable effective agility in your organisation

Call on our expertise in Agile coaching, to help improve your Agile processes, understanding and performance. We can help to break down barriers to interacting with agile teams.

DevOps Review

Driving DevOps delivery

We help you model your current DevOps approach in the context of DevOps topologies, and help you build and plan growth and effectiveness of your DevOps efforts.