Our Work: Abide Financial

We asked the Skelton Thatcher team to help us look at our architecture, people and processes around the development, support and management of those systems. They were able to help build our understanding of how to improve our delivery capabilities and design for scalability. Lessons learnt as part of the architectural, process and team review have resulted in Abide stepping up the pace on its development and deployment. The advice and help in the context of improving communication between our teams has launched an SRE effort, reduced friction and allowed us to focus on improving our customer experience.

Collin Coleman, CEO, Abide Financial

Abide Financial Limited is a market leading transaction reporting firm, supplying services to UK regulated firms in the financial sector. As part of a drive to be at the forefront of their industry, Abide asked Skelton Thatcher Consulting to help their software engineering teams improve their approach towards deploying and managing their platforms, and prepare their software architectures for scalability and resilience. To accelerate and enhance a cloud-first approach, Skelton Thatcher helped the Abide teams adopt a more collaborative approach, working to improve transparency, and improving interactions between teams in engineering, product support and the wider business.

The Skelton Thatcher team helped the Abide Financial teams with infrastructure scaling, building elastic architectures, collaborative practices, Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery and to increase the wider awareness of the benefits of roadmaps, dashboards, and information radiators. Skelton Thatcher then went on to start and expand a new Web Operations/SRE team within Abide Financial, mentoring the new Site Reliability Engineers in areas such as incident response, AWS architecture, alerting, and metrics.