Our Work: Honeycomb.tv

Matthew and Rob helped us improve our cloud based architecture, bringing an external perspective, validating and looking for areas of improvement. They also worked with our team to build dashboard and monitoring facilities for us, providing some great insight in the performance and capabilities of our systems, allowing the technology team to provide key information helping the business plan and understand how and when to invest in our platform.

Chris Young, CTO, Honeycomb.tv

Honeycomb.TV, a new company in advertising distribution and data collection, engaged Skelton Thatcher Consulting to help improve their infrastructure and architect their industry leading platform to take advantage of cloud scalability opportunities.

Working with Honeycomb technologists, the Skelton Thatcher Consulting team reviewed the system and software architecture and recommended good practices for deployment, networking, security, monitoring, and testing. We also introduced several key tools to allow a metrics-driven approach to technical and business decisions:

  • LogEntries for log and metrics aggregation and event searches
  • HostedGraphite for rich time-series charts
  • AWS CloudWatch for Amazon-specific infrastructure awareness

We worked with the Honeycomb teams to introduce a modern approach to logging using Event IDs and Correlation IDs, allowing a rich, log-driven capability for detecting and responding to bottlenecks in the video processing pipeline.