Our Work

At Skelton Thatcher Consulting, we are proud of our work, and we think we’re rather good at what we do. But don’t take our word for it – here is what our clients have to say.

Accelerate and evolve the adoption of Lean Agile practices at LexisNexis

Architecture, people and processes at Abide Financial

Continuous Delivery workshops for JustGiving

Audit and review of deployment practices for Callcredit Information Group

Shaping practices like Continuous Delivery and release engineering at IDBS

The Skelton Thatcher consultants successfully brought together people from different teams to collaborate on DevOps strategy, allowing people to discover team interactions that worked. A mixture of facilitated sessions and structured workshops provided an open environment – for teams to increase their understanding of each others’ needs and problems. The material provided by the Skelton Thatcher team – a report, a DevOps backlog, and detailed suggestions for future action – were really useful to keep momentum.

Kevin Hinde

After an introductory workshop and a couple of 1:1 sessions with the team, we had a delivery system in place supporting automated fortnightly deployments to our production environment. They quickly understood our challenges and worked with us to define a release approach that ensured our software could be released rapidly while ensuring the software continued to meet our high quality requirements.

Both Matthew and Rob were very easy to work with and brought their impressive experience of continuous delivery and operational support to help us think about a continuous delivery pipeline as a tool for the entire product delivery team rather than just a way to automate our existing testing activities.

David Longman, Senior Programme Manager