Our Work: Carnect

The Skelton Thatcher team really helped us to get off the ground with continuous integration with modern tooling and to get a handle on some of our operational challenges. They way in which they interacted with the teams was really refreshing; they worked closely with the engineers on things like configuration, post incident reporting, and version control migration, demonstrating the new practices directly.

Andy Lole, CTO, Carnect

Carnect is a leading car rental booking engine and solutions provider working worldwide with a portfolio of over 500 car rental suppliers. Founded in Hamburg in 1999 as MicronNexus GmbH, Carnect in 2007 joined TUI Group, the largest leisure, travel, and tourism company in the world.

Providing digital content via white-label websites and vehicle booking services via web APIs, the Carnect systems run on the Windows platform using a mixture of VB.NET and C# components. The tech teams at Carnect love the development speed and power of .NET, but using TFS for version control was really hurting their ability to release in a controlled and repeatable manner.

Carnect engaged Skelton Thatcher Consulting during 2015 to help with the adoption of practices such as Continuous Integration, with a focus on build automation, automated tests, and repeatable deployments. By moving the code to GitHub and wiring it up to JIRA and TeamCity, Skelton Thatcher enabled the Carnect teams to safely run much faster and more consistently than before. The need to trace a change from version control through a build to a deployed package was a big factor in adopting newer practices, and this new ability has helped the teams to track down within minutes problems that used to take days to resolve.