Our Work: Advanced Legal

Advanced Legal decided to pursue a DevOps strategy to try and realise the benefits of collaborative work practices and to improve our software platform. We asked the Skelton Thatcher Consulting team to act as mentors for this DevOps approach; they helped us get a better understanding of key concepts and also deal with specific difficulties. They were able to work with us to group our issues by common themes, which really aided our understanding of how to prioritise operational requirements. We gained time by having additional eyes and ears on research for good practice, and got a valuable outside perspective on how to tackle integrating operations needs into our thinking and delivery.

Darren Smallwood, DevOps Engineer, Advanced Legal

Advanced Legal (Advanced), market leading legal software services supplier and provider of industry-standard ‘Laserform’ electronic legal forms, asked Skelton Thatcher Consulting to mentor their Development and Operations team with their DevOps approach to managing and improving their Azure based software platform.

Skelton Thatcher helped the Advanced Legal team get up to speed with core concepts and practices in web operations, and enhance the existing knowledge around monitoring, metrics, deployment, resilience and reliability. The Skelton Thatcher mentors were able to help accelerate the improvement of several aspects of the Laserform Hub software platform: high availability, Azure Cloud Services, session state management, patterns and practice for alerting & on-call, logging, metrics dashboards, and infrastructure test plans.