Our Work: JustGiving

The Skelton Thatcher team met and engaged with many of our development, operations and programme management team members to quickly build up a picture and understanding of the scale of change facing our software development programme. They brought together operations and development teams and facilitated a lively debate around changes required to support Continuous Delivery and modern software delivery methods, including reappraising the relationships of operations staff, developers and programme managers. They delivered an insightful view on how to continue our progress into micro-services, shape our roadmap and build greater team performance.

Richard Atkinson, Chief Information Officer, JustGiving

JustGiving, the world’s largest fundraising platform, asked Skelton Thatcher Consulting to provide a review of its processes, approach, and readiness for making use of Continuous Delivery as a practice for building systems on cloud infrastructure.

We ran two Continuous Delivery workshops – one for leaders and one for engineers – and undertook an architectural review, culminating in a suggested two-year roadmap.