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Skelton Thatcher is now part of the Conflux Books family.

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We have joined the Conflux Books family

Skelton Thatcher Publications has been acquired by specialist publisher Conflux Books, who publish books by technologists for technologists. Our pioneering Team Guide series of books will benefit from increased author and reader resources, including regular interviews with authors, online and physical companion tools, and (from 2019) real printed books!

New focus for Skelton Thatcher – Team Guide series of books on software practices

We’d like to share some exciting news about the latest direction for Skelton Thatcher Consulting. After four years of successful consultancy helping numerous organisations to adopt modern technology practices such as Continuous Delivery and DevOps we are now focusing efforts on our publications business, Skelton Thatcher Publications:

You build it, You run it (Why developers should also be on call)

This post was written by Chris O’Dell co-author of Team Guide to Software Releasability. It’s all about Feedback Loops The Continuous Delivery Pipeline is familiar to most developers.  It’s a collaborative process built upon loops of feedback at every stage.  A new feature will defined between a Product Manager, a Developer and a Quality Analyst. …