Skelton Thatcher

Pioneering new approaches for DevOps and software delivery, Skelton Thatcher Consulting led industry thinking around Continuous Delivery, operability, and DevOps topologies between 2014 and 2018.

We created community tools such as Continuous Delivery Checklist, Run Book dialogue sheets, and the DevOps Topologies patterns, used by hundreds of teams around the world.

With a small, tight-knit team, we helped many different organisations to adopt new ways of working with software systems.

Skelton Thatcher is now part of the Conflux Books family, publishing books and reports from experienced practitioners in the software industry. We use our extensive know-how of delivering and running software systems to inform our books and guides.

The Skelton Thatcher team in October 2017:
Matthew Skelton, Rob Thatcher, Jovile Bartkeviciute, Chris O’Dell, Manuel Pais, Rich Bosomworth