Our Work: Callcredit

Matthew and Rob interviewed many team members in exploring the underlying factors contributing to recent deployment issues, and uncovered some interesting details along the way. They Provided solid guidance on changes needed to mitigate or remedy the issues.

Chris Covell, Director of Technology, Callcredit Interactive, Callcredit Information Group

After the on-site activities from Rob and Matthew we now have a clearer idea of how to think about and use our environments, and we can see how to evolve our change control process to best integrate automated deployment. Also, the workshops were very useful for teams across the business to increase their understanding of Continuous Delivery, including the ETL team doing data builds.

Clem Pickering, Head of Testing, Design & Methodology, Callcredit Information Group

Callcredit Information Group, experts in managing consumer data for businesses across every sector, within the UK and around the world, asked Skelton Thatcher Consulting to help the organisation to accelerate its adoption of DevOps as an approach for building and operating its online systems.

Skelton Thatcher undertook an audit and review of deployment issues raised from internal service reports, recommending specific changes in practices and technologies. We also conducted a review of the automated deployment process and environments configuration, and ran three one-day workshops to help development teams understand and evolve their deployment pipelines.