Team Guides for Software

Developing and running modern software systems requires teams of motivated and well-trained people; however, most IT books are written for the individual technologist. The Team Guide series from Skelton Thatcher Publications takes a team-first approach to software systems with the aim of empowering whole teams to build and operate software systems more effectively.

  • Team Guide to Software Operability by Matthew Skelton, Alex Moore, and Rob Thatcher
  • Team Guide to Metrics for Business Decisions by Mattia Battiston and Chris Young
  • Team Guide to Software Testability by Ash Winter and Rob Meaney
  • Team Guide to Software Releasability by Manuel Pais and Chris O’Dell
Written by industry professionals
eBook and paperback
Concise and easy to read

The Team Guides are written and curated by experienced practitioners and emphasise the need for collaboration and learning, with the team at the centre.

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