Video: the future of DevOps – teams, outsourcing, responsibilities

As part of the Rackspace DevOpsBreakfast event in August 2014, we discussed the future of teams, responsibilities, and outsourcing in a DevOps context; this was in response to a question from Sean Ferigan (@ferigan):

How do you see DevOps evolving over, say, the next few years? Are there any particular trends emerging?

Here is the interview on YouTube:

Essentially,  we see organisations exploring different team responsibilities, including deciding to insource or outsource some activities. The relationship between teams will be different for each organisation; we’ll see certain patterns for inter-team relationships becoming more standard over time (tried and tested). This will make it easier for an organisation to work out which pattern (team topology) suits them best.

We can help you to build an effective team structure for your organisation – call us to discuss your requirements: 020 8242 4103 or email



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