New DevOps adoption study from Rackspace

Rackspace recently released a new study on DevOps Adoption conducted by an independent firm and spanning more than 700 IT decision makers. The report highlights some interesting differences in scale and focus of DevOps adoption between organisations in the UK, US and Australia.

Rackspace interviewed Skelton Thatcher Consulting in the creation of the study;

in the ‘Planning for DevOps’ section (page 13) Matthew Skelton, Principal Consultant at Skelton Thatcher, said

“As consultants we help companies get started with a DevOps approach and we usually find that a prototype project is the best way to understand how DevOps can work in the organisation. We recommend that you find a software component or service that is valued by the business but not critical. It’s then possible to set up the culture, monitoring loops, metrics, etc. around that service, and learn from that. This way you plant a seed which can grow outwards.”

Of particular interest to many companies may be the framework for DevOps adoption beginning on page 29, highlighting the starting the process by defining your ‘Why’, and following with a ‘Look at your culture’, ‘Identify your catalyst’, Identify your application’ ,’Set Goals’, ‘Be CALMS‘ and lastly to ‘Seek Help’. Rackspace found that “many of the organisations in this survey have already made the decision to outsource some of their DevOps services to third parties”.

The study can be downloaded via Rackspace


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