Getting started with Continuous Delivery

Plan-Do-Check-Act Cycle

This post was written by Rob Thatcher, co-author of Team Guide to Software Operability.

Skelton Thatcher runs its ‘Getting Started with Continuous Delivery’ tutorial on September 15th, at the Apex Hotel Haymarket in Edinburgh.

We’re excited to be bringing together an afternoon tutorial based on the sold out “Practical and Sustainable Continuous Delivery” workshop from QCON 2015.

The “Getting started with Continuous Delivery” tutorial is a condensed version of the full day experience, and will introduce key concepts and show you how to get started with your journey towards CD.

Continuous Delivery involves much more than just a deployment pipeline pushing applications to a set of servers. In the tutorial we cover ‘walking skeleton’ deployment, using Vagrant with ElasticSearch/Logstash and Kibana for application debugging, how and when to use Semantic Versioning for packages, and techniques for enhancing the operability of software.

We will also take a look at some of the wider aspects around CD such as Conway’s Law, team topologies, value stream mapping and how choosing the right tools can enable collaboration.

If you’re a practitioner or manager who is looking for a practical approach and knowledge to take back to your organisation, we’re looking forward to seeing you.

Booking now available via our Eventbrite page :
Eventbrite - Getting started with Continuous Delivery tutorial

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