New focus for Skelton Thatcher – Team Guide series of books on software practices

The Team Guide series on software practices

We’d like to share some exciting news about the latest direction for Skelton Thatcher Consulting.

After four years of successful consultancy helping numerous organisations to adopt modern technology practices such as Continuous Delivery and DevOps we are now focusing efforts on our publications business, Skelton Thatcher Publications:

The Team Guide series on software practices

We especially excited about the unique “Team Guide” series of books and workshops that take a “team-first” approach to the tackling the gnarly challenges faced by modern tech teams around the world. We have several titles in progress currently including books on Operability, Testability, Releasability and Business Metrics.

As part of this change we will no longer be providing our current consulting services. We will however be looking for authors to write for us. Could that be you or a colleague? Please email for details.

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