The DZone Guide to DevOps: Continuous Delivery and Automation, Volume IV

DZone has recently released the latest version of their free DevOps report: “The DZone Guide to DevOps: Continuous Delivery and Automation, Volume IV”, a collection of articles, reports and surveys by IT experts.

Implications for data strategy with microservices

This post was written by Matthew Skelton co-author of Team Guide to Software Operability. We recently contributed to the ‘DevOps Perspectives 3’ report from CA: Microservices and data consistency. Here is an extract (you can download the full report from CA).

Microservices, data strategy, and data fragmentation – interview on InfoQ

At QCon London 2015, InfoQ interviewed Matthew Skelton, Co-founder of Skelton Thatcher Consulting, about Continuous Delivery, DevOps, microservices, tools, and teams. Here is an excerpt from the part of the interview on InfoQ covering microservices and data strategy: