Skelton Thatcher Consulting launches ‘Effective DevOps’ series of seminar based workshops


Skelton Thatcher Consulting has launched a series of workshops and seminars – Effective DevOps – for people within organisations beginning to adopt DevOps as a practice.

Three dates have been announced for ‘Effective DevOps for Leaders‘: 25th November, London; 27th January, Leeds; and 11th February, London. The half-day seminar for leaders covers:

  • What is DevOps? Dispelling some industry myths.
  • Why DevOps? The factors driving DevOps adoption.
  • How DevOps can benefit your organisation.
  • Practical changes for your organisation to take advantage of DevOps.
  • How to overcome potential blockers for DevOps.

Matthew Skelton and Rob Thatcher, both Principal Consultants at Skelton Thatcher, will facilitate the seminar and help attendees gain a greater understanding of why and how DevOps can help their organisation in its digital transformation process.

Find out more and book a seat at

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