Overview of DevOps for Larger Enterprises – BCS ITNOW


The March issue of the BCS ITNow magazine is focused on the digital engine behind next generation UK. We are happy to say that our principal consultant and co-founder Matthew Skelton was chosen to demystify and overview DevOps in the article titled “Joined up thinking”.

Based on recent industry experience, the author is sharing how you can identify potential DevOps blockers and is suggesting some practical tips to help bring cultural change to how your team works and why it is worth it.

In order to move at this new, rapid DevOps pace, it is crucial to treat measurement (monitoring and metrics) as first-class, so that teams can be alerted to problems as soon as possible to enable rapid restoration of service in the event of problems that inevitably occur with modern, complex, distributed systems. – Matthew Skelton

If you wish to know “What is DevOps?”, “Why DevOps?” and the benefits of DevOps for organisations, here is the digital version of the article: http://www.bcs.org/content/conWebDoc/55821


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