Patterns of DevOps Culture

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The latest InfoQ eMag is all about the DevOps and the culture patterns. It is a selection of popular DevOps articles published on and hand picked by the editorial team. This eMag is a good learning tool and overviews the actualities that you need to know regarding DevOps.

We are very happy to have been featured here and hope that this eMag will bring you up to speed with the key concepts and trends you have to look for or look out for!

Some Highlights:

  • A Letter From The Editor – Manuel Pais (InfoQ)
  • Practical Postmortems at Etsy – by Daniel Schauenberg (Etsy)
  • How Different Team Topologies Influence DevOps Culture by Matthew Skelton (Skelton Thatcher)
  • Leadership, Mentoring, and Team Chemistry by Michael Biven (Ticketmaster)
  • Build Quality In: Book Review and Interview – Interview with Steve Smith (Always Agile) and Matthew Skelton (Skelton Thather) by Manuel Pais (InfoQ)

Matthew Skelton’s article is about relationships between teams, Conway’s Law and achieving a healthy DevOps culture. He explains three most commonly used types of team structure patterns and their effect on DevOps culture with some handy examples. We have recently collected together a set of DevOps team topologies at

Hop in and download the eMag here for more details: Patterns of DevOps Culture.

The book that was mentioned in the publication is available here: Build Quality In.


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