Highlights from Huawei Cloud Congress, Prague 2016

This post was written by Jovile Bartkeviciute.

Huawei, the telecommunications equipment giant is slowly but surely shifting the focus from carrier business to the cloud computing market. Since 2010, Huawei heavily invested in product innovation and big data and do not plan to stop.

Huawei Cloud Congress (HCC) is a series of events held all around the world (20+ countries this year) and is meant to share the latest cutting-edge IT solutions and ideas. This year the HCC Europe was held in Prague (28-29th April) and more than 600 IT professionals and business leaders attended this two day event which was available to livestream as well.

Titled “Make it Simple, Make Business Agile”, the conference was separated into three parts: Leading Cloud Transformation, Ecosystem Empowered, Reshape the Industry and included the launching ceremony of FusionSphere 6.0 (enterprise class – cloud operating system) for the European market.


Some quotes from the speakers:

Leading Cloud Transformation

Leading Cloud Transformation – Krzysztof Celmer (Senior IT Solution Consultant, Huawei) 

  • “Open architecture brings opportunity and choice.”
  • “Hybrid cloud if the new normal.”



Ensure Business Continuity with Reliable DR Solution – Jan Stibor (IT Solution Architect, Huatech A.S) 

  • Jan Stibor emphasized the importance of having a reliable disaster recovery solution and introduced multiple case studies.
  • “The most important is to have a plan. The most important in the plan – RPO (recovery point objective) and RTO (recovery time objective)”


Storage Market Growth & Unlock the Power of Cloud – Azeddine Belfakih (Senior IT Solution Consultant, Huawei)

  • “Data is becoming one of the most strategic assets for the business.”
  •  “The carriers need to be prepared to tackle new revenue streams.”



Ecosystem Empowered

Build Win-Win Ecosystem – Sun Jawee (Director of IT Business Development, Huawei) 

  • “Huawei strategy for the next decade – all about cloud.”


Unlocking Potentials with Enterprise Cloud Solution – Gaetan Verhegge (Director of Huawei Accenture Strategic Alliance, Accenture) 

  • “Consumption as a service”
  • “Success comes from being able to experiment, adapt and analyse.”


Work Together for Broader Innovation – Krzysztof Jonak (Territory Manager for Central Eastern Europe, Intel) – 

  • “Data is becoming the new currency of the current economy”

2016-06-07 (1)


Reshape the Industry

Cloud Transformation Reforms Carrier Business – Andrzej Harbicki (Senior Solution Consultant, Huawei)

  • “Regarding the carrier business – phone calls and text income fell from 70%  to 35%, while cloud increased from 5% to 20%.”
  • “Carrier business have 3 main challenges:
    • Business Innovation for growth
    • Agile operation to adapt user experience needs (it only takes 2 seconds for an e-com shop to lose a customer, )
    • Network centric arch – move to DC centric architecture (cloud)”


Accelerate Science Results with Green & Cost-efficiency – PhD Norbert Meyer (Manager of HPC & Data Department, Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center)

  • “Critical problems of data centres: electricity and heating.”
  • “Green IT solutions:
    • Procure more environmentally friendly hardware
    • Run at lower clock frequency
    • Optimise cooling
    • Share more, to get higher degree of specilisation and utilisation (Same performance for less money and power)”


Cloud and Big Data in Manufacturing – Dr.Christopher St John (COO, ESI Group)

“ESI Cloud key features:

  • Access: browser based
  • Cloud types: Public and Private
  • Modular Platform: End-toEnd Saas platform in the cloud, hybrid desktop/clou platform, vertical app platform, collaboration platform”


Building Secure and Highly Reliable Data Center for Finance Services – Marco Toste (CTO of Whitestar Asset Solutions)

  • “The third platform: supported by 4 pillars:
    • Mobility
    • Big data
    • Social technologies
    • Cloud services”

2016-06-07 (2)


Over all, the speakers were very informative and shed light on the strategies and future possibilities for the Huawei products and the cloud industry in general.


You can watch the recorded talks here: http://www.huaweihcc.com/2016/eu/?time=0.45371160138268896

HCC events are happening all over the world, you can see the upcoming events here: http://www.huaweihcc.com/

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