“Securing a Continuous Delivery Pipeline” – featured in DZone

DZone has recently published Matthew Skelton‘s and Manuel Pais‘ report on continuous delivery pipeline from the security perspective – “Securing a Continuous Delivery Pipeline”. The report was featured in their guidebook for continuous delivery as well – “The DZone Guide To Continuous Delivery, Vol III”, which is a collection of must-read articles featuring all you need to know about CD.

In particular, Matthew Skelton and Manuel Pais were trying to shed the light on what happens when to introduce automation from source control to production with daily deployments and how to keep up with the changes and make sure your system is protected.

The topics that were covered:

  • Understand the Human Needs of the Security Team
  • Introduce Early Feedback From Security Tests
  • Use Lightweight Security Tools to Enable Greater Focus
  • Examples of Security Tests in Action
  • Favor Communication and Feedback Over Tool-driven Practices

If you wish to know more about pipeline security, check out the article here: “Securing a Continuous Delivery Pipeline”

The guide itself is free and is available on DZone, you can find it here:



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