Free eBook – DevOps Journeys


DevOps has become a highly common term with more and more organisations adopting it, however, the idea is still quite new and everybody has their own opinion on what it actually is.

Considering this, Linux Recruit interviewed fourteen industry experts about their experiences and tried to reach a common definition, overviewing the current state of DevOps and what the future holds.

We are featured in the report as well, you can see if your thoughts match ours if you click the link below!

The report was released in the form of ebook and covers the following: Defining DevOps with Hindsight;  DevOps, a Retrospective; The current state of DevOps; DevOps as Terminology and The future of DevOps.

Some quotes:

“DevOps is still a relatively new term and the meaning behind it changes depending on who you talk to and what day of the week it is” – Matt Smith, Net-A-Porter


“DevOps means be good to one another” – Chris Jackson, Pearson


“Code less, think more” – Gregory Becker, Not on the High Street


“I see the lines blurring between traditionally distinct roles into crossfunctional teams, consisting of people with both a deep knowledge in focused areas complemented with a wide breadth of other skills” – Chris O’Dell, Just Eat


“We will see changes in the types and extents of collaboration between Dev and Ops teams as different kinds of technologies mature. In particular, different approaches are suitable for Docker, containers, managed container stacks like Kubernetes, and serverless architectures like AWS Lambda or Azure Functions”. – Matthew Skelton, Skelton Thatcher Consulting

The ebook is free and is available here:

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