Next Generation DevOps – highlights

Next Generation DevOps - 2 Dec 2015 - panel

logo Next Generation DevOps, 2 December 2015

Supporting a Continuous Delivery Value Chain • Agile • Testing • QA • DevSecOps


We recently attended the Next Generation Devops conference in London organised by Unicom. Our co-founder Matthew Skelton chaired the event and delivered a talk on ‘Un-broken Logging’ [slides]. Another of our consultants, John Clapham, was talking about DevOps team building.

Here is a Twitter-based round-up of what we noted:

  • Microsoft is taking a really fresh, open approach to software development with Visual Studio. They’re supporting all kinds of platforms and languages including Android and iOS as well as Node.js. The presenter Giles Davies (of Visual Studio UK team) even presented using a MacBook!

  • Liz Rice gave an interesting talk on containerization and container management & scheduling.

  • John’s talk was probably the funniest one of the day, with a nice DevOps Capsules list – compared DevOps with taking a pill

  • Jon Topper of @ScaleFactory gave a useful overview of ChatOps with Slack, including triggering CI builds directly from Slack
  • And perhaps the best quotation:



Some other highlights:

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