InfoQ – “Q&A on Continuous Delivery with Windows and .Net”

CD with Windows and .NET books


Chris O’Dell and Matthew Skelton have recently collaborated with O’Reilly Media and published a book titled Continuous Delivery with Windows and .Net“. This quick guide is meant to show that continuous delivery can work very well with .Net and Windows environments despite the common misconception that it is for Linux users only.

While new, the book is already a favourite to snap up at conferences and during WinOps, all 100 copies were taken during one short break! Keep your eyes open next time you see an O’Reilly stand at a conference, they might have a free copy.

CD with Windows and .NET books

João Miranda from InfoQ interviewed the authors about the reasons behind the book and the long term vision for the Continuous Delivery with Windows and .Net.

Some quotes from the interview:

“It can be said that the main strength of the book lies in acting as an one-stop shop for learning about Windows-friendly tools.”

“From’s deployment cycle time 700x improvement by adopting deployment pipelines to JustGiving’s wholesale infrastructure automation that allows it to meet peaks in demand, you’ll find real user testimonials throughout the book making the case for each of the recommended practices.”

You can read the full interview here:

The “Continuous Delivery with Windows and .Net” book is available to buy from our partners, Agile Stationery.


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