InfoQ – “Q&A on Continuous Delivery with Windows and .Net”


Chris O’Dell and Matthew Skelton have recently collaborated with O’Reilly Media and published a book titled Continuous Delivery with Windows and .Net“. This quick guide is meant to show that continuous delivery can work very well with .Net and Windows environments despite the common misconception that it is for Linux users only.Continue reading “InfoQ – “Q&A on Continuous Delivery with Windows and .Net””

Database Deployability – #2 Reduce Accidental Complexity

This post was written by Matthew Skelton co-author of Team Guide to Software Operability.

`Deployability is now a first-class concern for databases, and there are several technical choices (conscious and accidental) which band together to block the deployability of databases. Can we improve database deployability and enable true Continuous Delivery for our software systems? Of course we can, but first we have to see the problems.

Until recently, the way in which software components (including databases) were deployed was not a primary consideration for most teams, but the rise of automated, programmable infrastructure, and powerful practices such as Continuous Delivery, has changed that. The ability to deploy rapidly, reliably, regularly, and repeatedly is now crucial for every aspect of our software.

This is part 2 of a 7-part series on removing blockers to Database Lifecycle Management that was initially published as an article on Simple Talk (and appearing here with permission):Continue reading “Database Deployability – #2 Reduce Accidental Complexity”

WinOps Conf 2016 – DevOps-ification of Windows Server

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(This is a guest post from Chris O’Dell, co-author of Continuous Delivery with Windows and .NET (with Matthew Skelton) and developer on the Platform team at JUST EAT)

describes itself as “the world’s only dedicated conference to ‘Windows in a DevOps world’”.  The 2016 conference took place on 24 May in London; the event partner is Microsoft themselves, who are also well represented in the speakers with Jeffrey Snover, Ed Wilson and Michael Greene.Continue reading “WinOps Conf 2016 – DevOps-ification of Windows Server”

IP EXPO Manchester, May 2016

This post was written by Jovile Bartkeviciute.

The annual IP EXPO Manchester event started with a bang. The Day 1 (18th May, 2016) was full of people, vendors, excitement and amazing speakers.  The keynote by the Dame Stella Rimington (the first woman to be appointed as the Director General of UK’s counter intelligence service, MI5 and the original “M”) interested so many people that half of the attendees could not fit into the main theatre, even with two smaller theatres broadcasting it live. For those lucky enough to get in, Dame Stella shared her career highlights and lessons learnt. Look for the recording once it is made available – it is worth a listen!Continue reading “IP EXPO Manchester, May 2016”

“Securing a Continuous Delivery Pipeline” – featured in DZone

DZone has recently published Matthew Skelton‘s and Manuel Pais‘ report on continuous delivery pipeline from the security perspective – “Securing a Continuous Delivery Pipeline”. The report was featured in their guidebook for continuous delivery as well – “The DZone Guide To Continuous Delivery, Vol III”, which is a collection of must-read articles featuring all you need to know about CD.Continue reading ““Securing a Continuous Delivery Pipeline” – featured in DZone”

Building a Continuous Delivery Culture At Pipeline Conference

This post was written by John Clapham.



08:30hrs and already Pipeline Conference was buzzing, drawn together by an interest (in some cases obsession) with continuous delivery, getting stuff done, and a desire to improve, practitioners were gathering ready for the day’s talks.  Pipeline is in its third year, distinguishing itself by being tightly focused and carefully curated.  All talks except the keynote (Jez Humble, more on which later) are selected anonymously by a panel of experienced enthusiasts, leading to a healthy breadth of perspective and practice.Continue reading “Building a Continuous Delivery Culture At Pipeline Conference”

Expanding The Definition Of Done

This post was written by John Clapham.

Look around your team board, is it there? Perhaps there’s a scruffy, and curled post-it to one side, maybe by now it has fallen face down and joined the dust, old avatars and used markers on floor. Perhaps though your definition of done is in better shape; what does it say? “All unit tests passed”, “PO sign off”? I believe there is much more value to a good definition of done than we give credit for. In fact, like many other simple agile concepts, what you have with the definition of done is a powerful collaboration and change tool.Continue reading “Expanding The Definition Of Done”

Highlights from Huawei Cloud Congress, Prague 2016

This post was written by Jovile Bartkeviciute.

Huawei, the telecommunications equipment giant is slowly but surely shifting the focus from carrier business to the cloud computing market. Since 2010, Huawei heavily invested in product innovation and big data and do not plan to stop.Continue reading “Highlights from Huawei Cloud Congress, Prague 2016”

Reducing Vagrant Shell Provisioning Time

This post was written by Manuel Pais, co-author of Team Guide to Software Releasability.


We recently wrote an article on DZone about bringing security into the delivery lifecycle where we covered both the people and technical perspectives.

To demo a deployment pipeline setup including automated security checks we decided to use a VM created with the popular Vagrant tool. Docker was another possibility (which would have saved us the 2 minutes Vagrant takes to boot the base VM) but we felt Vagrant is still more widely spread and easier to install for non-tech savvy clients, especially under Windows via an MSI (although “Dockerization” is reaching the Windows space too).Continue reading “Reducing Vagrant Shell Provisioning Time”

Pipeline Conference 2016

This post was written by Jovile Bartkeviciute.

Returning for the third year in a row, the Pipeline Conference is bigger than ever! Organised by Matthew Skelton, Steve Smith, Chris O’Dell, Beccy Stafford and Anthony Green, the “unconference” is buzzing with excitement this morning!

Continue reading “Pipeline Conference 2016”